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Eric Bergez eric.bergez
Thu Mar 17 20:41:56 GMT 2005

Well,...I wasn't really talking about DV specifically but the advances
of Real-time processing in general.

My point was that companies like DV and Snell have made significant
advances in Real-time Motion Compensation and both manufacturers have
invested lots of R&D time and money in improving the performance of
their products.  My point was NOT to compare yesterday's math with
today's algorithms.  All products do evolve - even the Ford Mustang (I
didn't much care for the previous model).

It's important to note that the two products mentioned have no Motion
Compensation.  Personally, I feel that the advances made by both
companies in real time Motion Compensation are not trivial and should
not be considered "Ridiculous."  What these products are capable of
doing today is incredibly more advanced than what either company was
capable of achieving 12 months ago.

With regards to 2K and 4K, I'm certain that all manufacturers are making
progress in these formats.  As with most processes, far more
improvements can be made as hardware limitations become irrelevant.
Time, however, becomes the biggest factor.

Real-time Motion Compensation is still subject to hardware limitations
and cost factors.  However, Motion Compensation is still a significant
element in software based processing.  A poorly developed ME algorithm
will result in mediocre results.  Therefore, you may have a software
based processing tool, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it works
great.  The processing math and the quality of the Motion Compensator
will weigh heavily on the overall performance even in software.

Once again, I'm speaking of all advances in this field not just those of
one particular company.

Best Regards,

DVUS, Inc.

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> For the first time in our history, we can
>process grain (and noise) in HD/444 (real-time) with a high level of
>confidence, without breaking the bank.  

Now it's my turn to not be able to stop myself..................

I own an HDNR that hasn't worked since the day we purchased it for 
somewhere near $70,000.  I wouldn't call it "real time" and I certainly 
wouldn't say that a device that only works ( old unit I realize ) in HD 
and NOT SD can be considered "without breaking the bank". For that 
matter, why is your company or any other similar minded companies even 
making hardware / video based NR boxes anymore?  Where's 2K and above? 
Where's a software NR that actually has features? Have you all just 
given up against MTI and Scream?  Seriously. Real time hardware based NR

is a thing that is going quickly the way of the dinosaur ( with the 
exception of Scream ). The fact that you would take time out of your day

to point out you are somehow "state of the art" with that kind of NR is 
just ridiculous. Why don't you guys try and pull your collective heads 
out and start trying again to make products that are useful, helpful, 
cutting edge, and at one point in your company's history - actually at 
the top of the heap...???  What is it the "development team" is actually

doing ...have you checked?

Just my 2 cents....  and hey, you put it out there on the block, not me.

Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist
Chicago / Santa Monica

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