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Graham Collett grahamcollett
Thu Mar 17 21:52:55 GMT 2005

At the risk of advertising, .. And with an interest .. But purely
commenting on Rob's post --  the "Grace in a box" will not show any
motion artifacts.

Graham Collett
Cintel agent in London.

Thanks to Craig Gordon for supporting the TIG.

On 2005-03-17 at 08:52, Rob Lingelbach (rob at compugraf.com) wrote:

speaking of noise reduction, over the years I've come to the conclusion
that with modern telecines, that are relatively free of noise compared
to those we worked with in years past, that I am having to use much less
NR and that it be more targeted toward alleviating grain artifacts, but
that this grain reduction is greatly a matter of taste and bears
discussion with the client in session.  As one who doesn't necessarily
disdain the appearance of some grain, I very much prefer evident small
quantities of grain to any introduced motion artifacts from the overuse
of noise/grain reducers, especially when we consider how the various
broadcast compression methods trample on clean motion.

Senior colorist, Compugraf
Istanbul, Turkey

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