[Tig] drop frame and HD

James DeLuca james_deluca
Thu Mar 17 23:19:47 GMT 2005

There is no such [standard] as DF 23.976  or 24. 
...problems come when...[converting the timecode]. 
Most offline editing is still done [in SD]...
needs...29.97 [fps TC]...either DF or NDF. 
[With] NO 1:1 fr correlation twix DFTC:24p [video]. 
it becomes a nightmare...when...reconciling a DF EDL back to [24fr] HD masters,
...the online editor...having...a lot of eyematching.
just something to be aware of.

FYI: Our house standard D-5 HD vtrs include the requisite timecode conversion from 24fr tape playback outputting 29.97 HD cross- or SD down-conversions. As part of that conversion, a choice of DF ON or OFF is made and a single frame is settable as COMMON such as "picture start" (e.g. 01:00:00:00). I'm sure you all are aware of this.

The SD & HD SUPER ouputs can be set to display both 24Fr & 30Fr TC simultaneously which can be placed below letterboxed SD or HD dubs. 

I was hoping to find a vtr option that would permit outputting the original 24FR timecode in the USER BITS but was unsuccessful. This can be done externally as the LTC and RS422A tc outputs can be set differently. I know that RS422 to LTC convertors exist, but finding one with able to be inserted as user-bits is the next task. It should REALLY be a VTR option (is Panasonic listening?).

James DeLuca, Sr Video Engr. 
Crest National Digital Media Complex - Hollywood

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