[Tig] MNR11 thanks

Craig Leffel craig
Fri Mar 18 01:16:51 GMT 2005

Eric Bergez wrote:

>  I feel it's premature to state that
>all restoration or grain reduction is bad or that all grain reducers
>cause lag when the reference system is 10 or even 4 years old.  Clearly
>companies like DV, Snell and Cintel have products, solutions or variants
>of systems that do not cause lag or have greatly eliminated temporal
>artifacting with Motion Estimation just within the past 16 months.
I didn't say "bad". I said hardware NR was going the way of the 
dinosaur, and I stand by that. I also stand by the fact that NR isn't as 
important these days as grain reduction based on newer telecines as Rob 
put forth. What's really funny about pointing out that you've made great 
strides in hardware based motion detection is that it's irrelevant. It's 
too little too late. Spend some time on the CML or even the Discreet 
boards and look at how people are doing and thinking about doing work. 
Check out an FCP forum. If you don't show some seriously great software 
based solutions at NAB I think your time is running out quickly... and 
it's not just a problem I have with Digital Vision by the way.... it's 
any of your contemporaries that are still thinking the same way as your 
company is as well.

And just because I LOVE this particular brand of selling... Do you tell 
ALL your customers that bought gear from you in good faith that the NEW 
stuff is really "The Good Stuff" and merely imply if they would just buy 
your newest bunch of crap that they would somehow be better off? I guess 
I should have mentioned that I own a DVNR1000 AND an HDNR... making me 
one of the more stupid colorists I know that owns 2 seperate boxes for 
doing NR... total cost?  over $100KUS.
Guess I should have waited for the "newer"  algorithims from the past 16 
months. And you kinow what? maybe I should have waited till they come 
out with a G6 or the Spirit 8K, or the Viper 2, or  D7 or the next 
generation Xbox  ( the only thing I own that keeps me sane ).....

But if I wait, how do I do the work I have NOW?  Thanks for the sales 
advice, and thanks for making sure every product you release actually works.

Craig  Leffel

Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist
Chicago / Santa Monica

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