[Tig] drop frame and HD

James DeLuca james_deluca
Fri Mar 18 02:35:29 GMT 2005

From: Jack James
Ok, let me make sure i've got this right:
1080i/60.00 runs at true 30.00 fps, so there's no need for df timecode. 
1080i/59.94 runs at true 29.97 fps (or is that fake 30 fps), making it the same [frame rate] as SD NTSC, so you use ndf or df as required. ? Jack

I haven't heard of ANYONE currently using 1080i/60 because no NTSC decoder can accommodate it, largely because NO NTSC encoder will work at 60Hz. Just like always. 

Jim D.
P.S. I don't think we'll be seeing 60hz frame rates in the near future, same for true 24fps tapes.

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