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Dick Hobbs dick
Fri Mar 18 06:08:24 GMT 2005

Craig L may have had one too many cups of coffee, but you can understand
where he is coming from.

On the other hand, it is a fact of life that better stuff is always coming
along. You know that the instant you buy a new computer/car/telecine a new
model will be announced which is faster/cheaper/nicer shade of teal. Hell,
if I had just waited another month before buying my iPod, I could have had
one with U2's autographs on it. All right: maybe I have not had enough
coffee yet.

My main point, though, is that I am not convinced we are yet in a position
to say "software good, hardware bad". Certainly standard platforms are
getting faster, but hurling around advanced mathematics at 2k resolution is
still a bit of a challenge. The really smart manufacturers are the ones who
use standard platforms where they can and devote their R & D to developing
custom hardware when only that will do the job.

That is what I hope and expect to see at NAB. The other thing I expect to
see at NAB - and I am definitely with Craig here - is that products will be
either data-based or video-based, and if they are video-based they will do
everything from 480i to 1080/60p. Anyone who says you need this box for SD
and this different box for HD will be laughed off the show floor.



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