[Tig] drop frame and HD

Lucas Wilson Lucas
Fri Mar 18 06:25:24 GMT 2005

[james] ...a choice of DF ON or OFF is made and a single frame is
settable as COMMON such as "picture start" (e.g. 01:00:00:00). I'm sure
you all are aware of this.
... I was hoping to find a vtr option that would permit outputting the
original 24FR timecode in the USER BITS but was unsuccessful...

[lucas] James -- the concept of putting 24TC in the user bits is pretty
cool... hadn't thought of that. Neat way to get around a lot of issues.
Then the question becomes finding an editorial device that can read and
conform from the user bits! Oy...

Setting a single frame as "COMMON" is good, but still doesn't completely
get around the problem of conforming a DF list back to 24fps online.
With perfectly recorded tapes, and perfect downconverts, the list does
translate pretty well. Or if the online is happening in the same
facility as the downconverts occurred in.

But when doing a list conversion from a 29.97DF EDL to a 24EDL, the EDL
conversion software has to assume the same "COMMON" frame as you do. If
2:00:00:00 is your common frame on the hour2 master, and the EDL
converter is starting the count for DF conversion at 00:00:00:00 frames
(which many do,) then the list will be meaningless. 

My eye starts twitching when I talk about this... too many late nights
trying to fix these problems when a 5-minute conversation at the
downconvert stage could have had me home in time for dinner and a movie.

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