[Tig] MNR11 thanks

Patrice Barrette patrice
Fri Mar 18 11:31:53 GMT 2005

for a good result to for a process noise reducer , go and look at

NEAT IMAGE PRO + it is a stand alone soft , and can work via a command 
line, it can work in multiprocessor  and it is batchable , and the 
result are very good and you have a good control over the amount of 
grain to be reduce and the amount of shapening you can add after the NR  
, and it is cheap ,

patrice  senior colorist

Hybride Technologie

Peter Swinson wrote:

>Thanks to Craig Gordon for supporting the TIG.
>Craig Leffel wrote
>  "   Where's 2K and above? "
>" Where's a software NR that actually has features? Have you all just given
>up against MTI and Scream? "
>Have any of you tried the Imagenomic Noisewarwe V3.1 plugin for Photoshop
>(Free demo version on the net), quite amazing, especially if you happen to
>proccess DI through photoshop, and why not !!!
>best regards
>Peter Swinson
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