[Tig] drop frame and HD / 2 more cents

Bill Topazio BTopazio
Fri Mar 18 14:11:26 GMT 2005

I'll just add my 2p worth here:

1. Almost all editing outside of network is done NDF, virtually all short-form (spots, etc.) and even most episodic TV (drama, sitcom).  It is usually mastered in NDF (well, these days 23.98 which has no DF mode anyway) off of off-line downconversions made NDF.  Typically at the END of the process, a DF master is struck (720p59 or 1080i59) as well as broadcast SD downconverts (29.97DF).  Using NDF during the off-line makes it MUCH easier to go from a 30-frame offline list back to a 24-frame on-line list when it comes time for the conform.

2. There are some exceptions to the above, as networks typically do all their internal work off of DF tapes (promos, etc.)

3. On both the HDCAM and HDD5 you can choose your TC output on down and cross conversion from 23p to be DF or NDF.

4. On the decks, you have an option of where to "sync" the TC.  For example, if you want to convert NDF to DF starting at midnight, both your 23 and 29 TC sync points would be 0000000.  But if your doing s show that starts with 1st frame at 01:00:00:00 and you want to deliver the DF master so that IT starts pix at 01;00;00;00 then you need to set both sync points to 01000000.

5. There's a BUG on the HDCAM machines (surprise!).  It will incorrectly perform NDF-DF conversion when the source TC is past 12 NOON.  So converting, say, source reels may present a problem.  But converting for network delivery, usually with 1-hour starts, this does not present a problem.  If you need accurate NDF-DF conversion past noon, don't use the internal HDCAM conversion.

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