[Tig] drop frame and HD down convert

Nichols Craig Craig.Nichols
Fri Mar 18 15:06:24 GMT 2005

I always preferred NDF, but most down conversions of movies I remember a
couple years ago called for DF.  If master is 23.98, it was
straightforward with D5 machines because TC sync works ok if set up

DF is not too bad as long as you take care when watching sequence when
putting parts back together, and if you check for proper sequence at a
few reference cuts.  Time code calculators are quite helpful for sanity

An editor that works well with mixed frame rates also makes this easier.
I always liked the Soundmaster editor, but perhaps there are others now.
Todd-AO used this for audio mixed frame rates, and found it was easy to
adapt for video use.

Disclaimer - No benefit received from Soundmaster, Todd-AO, mixed frame
rates, DF, or NDF timecode.

Craig Nichols
Thomson Grass Valley

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