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Craig Leffel craig
Fri Mar 18 18:54:52 GMT 2005

Dick Hobbs wrote:--

 >>>>>>>>Craig L may have had one too many cups of coffee, but you can 
where he is coming from. On the other hand, it is a fact of life that 
better stuff is always coming along. You know that the instant you buy a 
new computer/car/telecine a new model will be announced which is 
faster/cheaper/nicer shade of teal.<<<<<<<<<<<

SO glad to hear that Dick somewhat agrees with me...... I was a bit 
tongue in cheek with my salesman critique, BUT I think I get far more 
use out of any household item I buy ( including ipods and G5's ) than I 
do almost any video gear we buy when that gear starts to phase 
out....Just because my last car didn't have GPS/Extra cup holders/ road 
sensitivity / laser cruise control/ etc.... didn't mean the last car was 
un-driveable....  just means I like my new car more. Seems to me that 
this whole sales pitch of "you gotta get the new stuff" happens way too 
frequently, and is WAY too hardware based. I don't mind paying for a 
software upgrade, or GROWING with a product.... what I can't stand is 
being locked into today's newest video card, dsp's, OS, etc etc. I mean 
with a little forethought, most of these companies could deliver more 
now, and offer upgrades to grow and maintain their revenue stream. 
Instead, half of them miss it, and it's a complete re-design when the 
development team numbskulls actually figure out what the rest of the 
world is doing. Just think Windows NT. I worry that Linux is the next 
problem, but I hope not. Linux seems to have tons of room to grow, and 
is very stable for most of the gear we're running with it. Think about 
where Quantel has been and how their users have been slaves to the 
hardware they bought at the time period they bought it. Same with Pogle, 
Davinci ( for sure ), and many others. THEN think about what you thought 
of the first Flame you saw. I saw one 12 years ago .. and I still think 
they're great...even with Shake and all the other things that are trying 
to replace it. It still has room to grow....

Craig Leffel

Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist / Partner
Chicago / Santa Monica

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