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Dick Hobbs dick
Fri Mar 18 19:47:31 GMT 2005

You can replace an iPod battery. You just can't replace an iPod battery
legally - you have to hack into the case and use a third-party replacement.

Which is sort of like the telecine business used to be. Rank Cintel, as it
was back in those days, developed the products they wanted to build, without
any reference to what the users wanted. Then the after-market got to work,
hacking stuff to make the machine do something useful. And Cintel got really
irate - at least at first - and claimed that it screwed all warranties.
Remember Twiggi?

Not meant to be a pop at Cintel: they just happened to be the first one that
came to mind. Moral of story is that the only way good products come about
is by users and developers talking. That is the same whether it is a
hardware product or a software product.



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