[Tig] Metaspeed Upgrade problem

lunarfilms lunarfilms
Sun Mar 20 02:48:21 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I am upgrading my metaspeed to 1.98I and to do so I have replaced the old 
single phase capstan with a bi-phase I am having a problem.

As a forward I was having a problem with the old single phase capstan setup 
I was getting allot of "chatter" in the capstan intermittently which would 
sometimes smooth out and sometimes not. This phenomenon seemed to get 
better/worse dependent on shuttling film back and forth. I thought this 
problem was the capstan at first but it showed up on several capstans (all 
older and single phase)

When I load a loop and hit FWD the loop will sometimes try to play forward 
erratically and then run off at top speed. This happens in both Fwd and Rev 
but the film direction is correct.

I have checked the Capstan wiring and replaced both sensor outputs (wired 
out of the connector with BNC's and direct into the Servo rack to VDSP, 
Voltages fine and I think the capstan interface is fine.

I checked the Frame pulse and it is going in to the servo rack fine and 
being received on the VDSP board in good condition.

All PS voltages fine.

Servo logic is fine (metaspeed VT-100 shows stop, play fwd, inch, FF, REW, 
etc. fine,) checked servo rack wiring thoroughly and seemes OK.

I am thinking it has something to do with the arm info being fed to the 
servo, I am getting a 0 for arm info and torque goes from 0 to 100 when I 
shuttle in any way.

All of these observations are with V 1.81 (flip stick) as V1.98I will not 
shuttle in any way (I am thinking that it is "smarter" and will not run 
without arm info?)

Any ideas much appreciated as always.


Robert Houllahan
lunarfilms at mindspring.com
PH.  401 499 6411
FX.   401 943 7738 

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