[Tig] call for entries from mfrs TIGNABFS05

Rob Lingelbach robling
Tue Mar 22 10:25:13 GMT 2005

every year around this time we have a "Focus Sheet" composed for people
attending NAB for their use in getting to the products they are most
interested in, that have relevance to color grading, telecine, data
storage, etc.   This year we will make use of the new TIG wiki for any
vendor to edit their own information into the page(s).  Please go to
and follow the directions, which include a link to an excerpt from a
past TIGNABFS for comparison.   If you aren't registered as a wiki user
it's easy and free, and editing pages is simple.  
Please make your entry concise because the whole point of this is that we 
don't have to carry loads of papers around at the show.   The TIGNABFS 
also serves as a briefing for those who can't make it to the show, and 
then we debrief after the show on the TIG about products of interest.  

Manufacturers are also asked to make a contribution to the TIG to cover
costs.  The "make a donation" button is available at
http://www.colorist.org or contact me if you can't use this and prefer
to send a check.

thank you.
Rob Lingelbach
TIG admin

Rob Lingelbach   

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