[Tig] Chris Genereaux's kindness

Rob Lingelbach robling
Tue Mar 22 16:27:32 GMT 2005

Chris Genereaux has donated $50 to the iPod raffle to be held at the
Telecine BASH during NAB.  Now I will designate 5 people who have been 
especially helpful to the tig to receive these tickets.  they go to:

Dwaine Maggart  ticket # 1025  dwainem at davinciwest.com

David Tosh  tichet # 1026  dlt at earthlink.net

Bill Topazio ticket # 1027 BTopazio at company3.com

Rich Torpey ticket # 1028 rich at torpey.com

Neil Kempt ticket # 1029  (i don't have an email for him can someone

Rob Lingelbach   

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