[Tig] latest raffle count

Rob Lingelbach robling
Tue Mar 22 16:50:30 GMT 2005

Here is the latest on the iPod raffle.  if you bought a ticket your
name is below, or you were designated the recipient of a ticket by
someone else (me or the donor).

two iPods, raffle to take place at the TIG Bash at NAB, via your
ticket as entered by Guy Baker.  The following people have entered 
the raffle: (instructions at
http://tig.oktobor.com/pipermail/tig/2005-March/006401.html )

ticket 1001
email: jack at surrealroad.com
name: jack james

ticket 1002
email: pathowley47 at yahoo.com
name: Pat Howley

ticket 1003
email: steven at gladstonefilmes.com
name: Steven Gladstone

ticket 1004
email: dick at hobbsonline.tv
name: Dick Hobbs

ticket 1005
email: mtmintz at adelphia.net
name: michael mintz

ticket 1006
email shanethemovie at hotmail.com
Shane Paull Dillon

Pascal your ticket # is 1007
name pascal nowak
email pacoul at wanadoo.fr

Dave Satin ticket # 1008
davesatin at aol.com

Julius Friede
Ticket # 1009
eltnr at pacbell.net

ticket # 1010
name Rob Randall
rrandall at gwstudio.com

Dave Best 
Ticket # 1011
davebz1a at optonline.net

Lunar Films 
Ticket # 1012
lunarfilms at mindspring.com

ticket # 1013
Craig Risebury
rabba at sbcglobal.net

Ticket # 1014
Skip Elsheimer
skipe at mindspring.com

ticket # 1015
name Dave Reinowski
dreinowski at att.net

ticket # 1016 to 
Bruce Bolden (brucebolden at comcast.net).

ticket # 1017 to
Craig Gordon
craig at nyrhino.com

Dwight Thornton:
3 tickets-- 
tkfreek at sympleng.net
**awaiting payment by check.

5 tickets to Chuck Harrison cfharr at erols.com  as below:

The below tickets were donated by Chris Genereaux:

Dwaine Maggart  ticket # 1025  dwainem at davinciwest.com

David Tosh  ticket # 1026  dlt at earthlink.net

Bill Topazio ticket # 1027 BTopazio at company3.com

Rich Torpey ticket # 1028 rich at torpey.com

Neil Kempt ticket # 1029  (i don't have an email for him can someone

Rob TIG admin

Rob Lingelbach   

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