[Tig] review of Lustre

Izhak Hinitz izhak
Wed Mar 23 19:01:23 GMT 2005

Are you sure about having no financial interest in the product.?
I read it and cant help noticing the lack of mention of the 
I.Q. a fully developed product that has been used in numerous
D.I's.  As a user of the I.Q. I do have an interest and admit it,
I just wanted to set the record strait as Jack mentions other systems
just not the one we have and the one that works day after day
and is not in a beta form but a real product you can play with and try.

Eyes Post.

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Thanks to Chris Genereaux for supporting the TIG.

Jack James has done a recent review of version 2.5beta of Lustre at 

and he disclaims any financial interest in the product.  We hope for
more of these reviews presently.  Jack, I'll put a reference to this
on the TIG-wiki.

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