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Wed Mar 23 20:17:56 GMT 2005

As a colourist facing the changing times it is indeed interesting to see a
sort-of hands-on review, but it would appear that the reviewer is 'going
from the literature' to a certain extent.
ROFLMAO at 'producers avoiding facilities that 'lack Lustre'... thats a good

But I am intrigued by the suggestion... to whit...
"Many systems developers I?ve spoken to share the view that DI systems
should not infringe upon the editing domain, and that DI systems should keep
editing capabilities to a minimum. I have no doubt that this is a view
propagated by colourists, who have no desire to learn a lot of complicated
editing tools that they will never use."
If you've spent any time with some of the white papers produced on this
subject (ie., but not restricted to, digitalPraxis, et.al.) that colourists
should, for the most part, be eliminated from production.  The real work
should instead be done by a super-editor, who will take care of the colour
as the project takes shape.  Why else include 'colour correction' tools on
Symphony, DS, etc.(a lot of complicated ... tools that <editors> will never
use.)... or would this be yet another view propagated by colourists?
JP Owens

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