[Tig] review of Lustre

Patrice Barrette patrice
Wed Mar 23 20:32:12 GMT 2005

the Lustre 2.5 is not a beta vesion it is a release version , there is a 
beta comming in the near future , we have had a lustre station almost 
since the begning of lustre about 2 1/2 years ago , and there was a lot 
of improvent on the lustre since the begining , and they are a lot more 
comming , and with that version ( 2.5 ) dont have a lot of crash ,it is 
very stable  . and if  a crash append i can reboot it in under 20 sec .

for me the lustre is a very good grading machine  , and if the scan of 
the film was done correctly with maximun information , i have a lot of 
range for color correction , and since it is pc base ,i can process in 
bacground with other software  , and i have combustion 3 on my machine 
so i can correct thing's without having to rely on the compositing 
departement , when it is to big of a correction i just send it to the 
compositing or 2D departement .

i have work from Rank top c , amigo , ursa , sunburst , davinci classic 
, davinci 888 and now i have a Lustre , and for me it is going in the 
right direction , and i think that more and more people are going to 
like it a lot

Patrice Barrette  Senior colorist

Hybride Technologie Inc.
Film F/x  quebec Canada


Michael Most wrote:

> Thanks to Chris Genereaux for supporting the TIG.
> -- 
> On Mar 23, 2005, at 11:01 AM, Izhak Hinitz wrote:
>> Are you sure about having no financial interest in the product.?
>> I read it and cant help noticing the lack of mention of the
>> I.Q.
> The article was a review, not a comparison. The only competing system 
> that is mentioned is Baselight, and only in passing at the end of the 
> article. Clearly the reviewer is a Discreet fan, but frankly I don't 
> see any need to mention every other product in the marketplace in 
> every article. Quantel gets plenty of press and publicity on its own. 
> Besides, I think most of us see Lustre and Baselight (and Silicon 
> Color, for that matter) more as "dedicated" color correction systems 
> than full finishing systems, which is the general perception of IQ. In 
> other words, they compete more against DaVinci and Pandora than they 
> do against Quantel and Avid. At least I've always seen them that way.
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