[Tig] Re: Lustre Review

Ken Robinson ken
Thu Mar 24 00:05:29 GMT 2005

I find myself in the same position as before with all these systems. You sit 
on one and find you want something that's on the other!

My experience at watching others on iQ (for example) was that the colourist 
did the colourist thing and then the editor/painter/spfx person did the 
other, because it takes long enough to deal with the colour let alone the 
rest of it. If a 'super editor' wants to come forward and do it all, I take 
my hat off to him/her; I wouldn't and couldn't.

Does this mean that everything in one box is a waste? I don't think so, its 
the usual thing, whatever suits you. I have seen fantastic as well as dismal 
results from all of the equipment that we know. The experience and the ideas 
of the people working the devices counts for more than anything else, having 
said that it is a little tricky wandering from one device to another and 
remembering all the little hidden tricks.

Please just let me colour correct DI non linear, that's all!

(I have been paid by some manufacturers to demo their equipment, but not 

Ken Robinson
Senior Colourist VTR Beirut
ken at flight4.org

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