[Tig] Re: Lustre Review

Jack James jack
Thu Mar 24 00:28:05 GMT 2005

If I may:
- Lustre 2.5 was in beta at the time I reviewed it.
- Baselight is indeed a worthy opponent to Lustre, expect a review of v 2.0
very soon.
- I've no hands-on experience of using IQ, so it would be senseless of me to
make comparisons; however, from trade show demos and quantel's demo dvd I
believe it still is lacking in some areas, but I'm not going to cast
aspersions until maybe after nab
- I'm not a fan of hardware-based solutions since I had bad experiences with
the specter- I honestly believe that software solutions will prevail in the
2k world.
-I'm a discreet fan only in terms of the UI. For my money, Combustion is one
of the best Price/Performance systems available on any DI platform.
- The only systems manufacturer that pays me at the moment is Thomson to
consult on the new Bones system, and although I fervently believe that Bones
is a remarkable system (unlike specter/phantom transfer engine), I will not
include it in any reviews for this very reason.
- My comment about graders not needing to edit is valid- colourists should
not need to have editing skills. The point is that systems such as Lustre
desperately need to accommodate the fact that people will be using it to
edit, and that marketing an all-in-one solution is futile if it ultimately
only caters to the needs of the colourist, and does not consider completely
the requirements of the conform assistants, digital asset managers and
telecine assistants. Someone used the term "specialisation", and I believe
this is key.
- To address what Dave Picket asked, as far as I am aware- Lustre cannot
directly control a telecine, it is a software-based approach that only works
with digital images, and has no option for live signal (or tape-to-tape)
grading. In order to incorporate a Lustre system, you must already have a
system in place to allow for capture/digitisation, be it a film scanner or
SD/HD video input. Incidentally, this is also the case with Baselight,
Assimilate Inc's Scratch, and Quantel's IQ.


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