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Stefan Sonnenfeld SSonnenfeld
Thu Mar 24 08:55:59 GMT 2005

I disagree with the best iq operator portion

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Thanks to Chris Genereaux for supporting the TIG.

Com'on guys, how can anyone write a review of a system they have not used???
This has to be some form of joke...

I was going to keep out of this as my use and support of iQ is well known - 
just look at the DI work Digital Praxis has performed - but to take 
someone's view of a system seriously when they state the review is from 
demos and the manufacturer's blurb is unbeleavable.

I've just finished the DI workflow on the latest Wesly Snipes flick, having 
built two more DI facilities for the job, one at MotionFX in the UK and the 
other at sister company Marina Studios in Genoa, Italy. Both are iQ based, 
one with a Barco DP100 projector, the other a JVC HD2K. Being iQ based means 
they both can perform all the work required for any DI project, using either 
a 'hero-operator' or seperate editor/vfx/colourist as required by the 

The latest DI project to be worked on by MotioFX is the world's first full 
digital cinematography film (Viper 4:4:4, 2.47:1...) called Silence Becomes 
You,  and again the iQ is proving its value by being able to manage the 
whole of the DI chain.

I'm obviously being paid by MotionFX to act as their DI specialist/operator, 
and do some work for Quantel when needed, as well as other manufacturers and 
post facilities. I work on a daily fee basis, having no retainer with 
anyone, and no sales incentive to support one product over another - I am 
independent. I've also recently been using a Nucoda system for DI grading 
and am consulting for a USA facility using Discreet/da Vinci systems for 
their first DI project (a rather interesting 2.35 HD Sony SR 4:4:4 workflow 
I might add). So, I'm not system or post facility specific, and I get more 
business through my client's being successful. That means I have to build 
operations that work, and can operate the kit I specify to prove that point.

If anyone want's an iQ user's review I'd be happy to do it, especially as 
the iQ at MotionFX is a beta site for the new Eiger software. But you know 
what I'm going to say about it, don't you?

The best DI operator in my view at present time is Walter Valpato at FotoKem 
in LA. You should ask him what its like being a DI 'Hero-Operator'.


Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd
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steve at digitalpraxis.net

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