[Tig] Editing functionality on a DI product

Nigel Hadley nhadley
Thu Mar 24 16:28:43 GMT 2005


I wanted to contribute to the questions about editing capabilities on DI 
The point is that a DI product is a non-linear device, it needs to be 
able to conform/edit in order to do it's job.

So there is no point not having these tools available, there are many 
colourists who have had to deal with the problem (called sods law) when 
they have nearly finished a job when the Director announces that there 
has been a re-cut.

In non-linear systems this is a pain... in a DI system, simple, load the 
new EDL, merge the grade with the new edits, sit back and smile! Check 
that your DI system can do this!

Once colourists discover what these new tools offer they very quickly 
learn the new tricks.

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