[Tig] Re: review of Lustre

Stuart Fyvie stuart.fyvie
Fri Mar 25 08:49:27 GMT 2005

To illustrate the point on 'multi-functionality' of colourists
We have just finished the DI on John Boormans 'In my Country'.
This involved posting it all on the IQ, conforming, colour correcting, 
and adding subtitles. When we were in the thick of grading the reels we 
spotted a light stand that
was in shot not noticed before on the offline.
Five minutes on the DVE menu and the problem disappears. From the 
client's point of view this is great
because it is a fix and forget.
I don't think being a colorist involves just doing colour anymore, it 
is not what the client expects.
  I am not advocating IQ in particular , I know of other colourists who 
work in tape based rooms
with Pandora/Sony vision mixer combos who do similar things.
Besides, some interesting colour effects can be achieved when accessing 
other tools in the room.

I don't work for Quantel or Pandora, I am just a user.

Stuart Fyvie
Senior Colourist
LipsyncPost London.

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