[Tig] tig exam

Rob Lingelbach robling
Fri Mar 25 12:10:18 GMT 2005

the unofficial exam for becoming a full-fledged telecine colorist:

1) what does the acronym PLUGE stand for?
2) who is considered the inventor of the telecine?
3) how many degrees separate the "purely considered" vectors on a 
4) what is the difference between the perforation pitch of print film
   and negative film, and why is there a difference?
5) what is the typical contrast ratio of standard definition video,
   versus that of 35mm film negative?
6) for the decade of the 1990's, what LA colorist was considered the
   highest-paid?  (admittedly apocyphal)
7) what was the very first name of the first incarnation of the
   daVinci color-grading system?
8) in what continent were discovered dozens of Rank Cintel MkIIIs in 
   the late 1980s by Steve Roach, gathering dust in a warehouse unused?
9) what current US-based TK engineer has the dream of retiring to
   Santa Fe New Mexico to operate a taco stand?
10) what does BRRE stand for?

answers in a follow-up posting.  The first 2 entries with all answers
correct will get two raffle tickets for the iPods to be given away at
the telecine NAB BASH.

TIG admin
Rob Lingelbach   

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