[Tig] Re: review of Lustre

Ken Robinson ken
Fri Mar 25 18:28:09 GMT 2005

Simple things like repos and dust busting, that's fine and simple. I was 
getting the idea that there was going to be some REAL tricky stuff going on, 
like compositing or painting.

Are most of you experiencing systems that don't crash or have bugs? I cant 
believe that for a second. All the problems I have had with non linear I 
have always been able to get around, or just deal with, and frankly been 
quite happy to. ANYTHING beats DI/longform on a linear system, even if it is 
totally stable.

Ken Robinson
Snr Colourist
VTR Beirut

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> To illustrate the point on 'multi-functionality' of colourists
> We have just finished the DI on John Boormans 'In my Country'.
> This involved posting it all on the IQ, conforming, colour correcting,
> dust-busting
> and adding subtitles. When we were in the thick of grading the reels we
> spotted a light stand that
> was in shot not noticed before on the offline.
> Five minutes on the DVE menu and the problem disappears. From the
> client's point of view this is great
> because it is a fix and forget.

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