[Tig] DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

Steve Shaw digital.praxis
Sat Mar 26 16:29:57 GMT 2005

Hi Greg,
Backs from the pub, after a few pints of 'wife beater', so accept any 
grammatical errors...

The calibrated dailies approach is potentially cheaper than the traditional 
model as the colourist tends to be the most expensive part. Also, self 
calibrating transfer engines will be cheaper than telecines as they require 
less functionality. I'm impressed by the Cintel dataMill as the present 
likely system of choice, and its book price is a lot less than traditional 
telecines. It can also scan film at SD, HD 2K and 4K, all calibrated to 
cineon LOG specs. However, you don't need to scan dailies and the final high 
resolution on the same system as any transfer devise that works to cineon 
specs will be well within acceptable tolerance if calibrated correctly.

Due to costs the present approach is still to scan for dailies/offline at HD 
or below, then re-scan for the online at 2K (4K?) using a pull list from the 
offline. We are all waiting for speed and storage capacity to allow full 2K 
scanning for dailies that can be used for the offline and online, but that's 
some time away, although for Silence Becomes You we did obviously capture 
all material in full resolution on digital media - 25TB in total, so we are 
getting there.

We work to NAS discs for near realtime/near online storage, with full 
realtime discs for the active DI work and LTO2 for archive. There is a full 
workflow description on www.digitalpraxis.net.

All the best,


Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd
+44 (0)7765 400 908
steve at digitalpraxis.net

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> Steve,
> So the "trick" for your "dailies" method is to have hardware that can
> trf/scan and RE-trf/RE-scan w/ perfectly repeatable color yet varying
> resolutions.  What hardware do you personally like?  How long will it take
> before most "dailies" services can convert from being/using the "cheapest"
> to your model?  (In other words, are all the SD only telecines useless -
> even for, or perhaps you'd say especially for, dailies?)
> Also, in your experience with DI, are folks scanning/trfing "all" their 
> film
> at the "final" resolution or still following the "traditional" method of
> all-at-low-res and selects-at-final-res?
> Lastly, it seems like folks are interested in what hardware all the 
> imagery
> is transferred to (hard-drive arrays?) and/or archived onto.
> Thanks,
> -Greg Dildine
> PS please share your thoughts with the TIG if you wish.  Thanks. 

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