[Tig] DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

Rob Lingelbach robling
Sat Mar 26 18:13:08 GMT 2005

On 2005-03-26 at 13:37, Steve Shaw (digital.praxis at virgin.net) wrote:

> The problem with a colourist peforming a dailies transfer is thet they will always massage the image to look good. A colourist is human after all. And this is actually the last thing the production needs. They need to know what is actually being shot, as well as what the final possibilities are.

the real world is not like that Steve with all due respect.  Dailies
transfers are done often with more attention to detail than the final
transfer, for purposes of showing the client the best possible cut.
However, in a DI workflow, if the client understands perfectly that the
dailies are done not as dailies but as full range scans, we are talking
about two separate subjects.

Rob Lingelbach   

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