[Tig] DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

Steve Shaw digital.praxis
Sun Mar 27 10:10:47 BST 2005

Hi Greg,
I like Kodak's TCS box for LUT use if using a system that doesn't have it's 
own LUT display capability.
Obviously as I use Quantel's iQ most of the time I use that with Kodak's KDM 
LUT generation capability. This is great for a proper screening/DI 
environment. For more temp screening setup. the TSC box is again my choice. 
However, the FilmLight TrueLight box could be just as good. You just need 
some way of generating accurate LUTs.

For dailies being screened from digibeta, or similar, the LUT is usually 
burnt in as part of the transfer process, providing the accurate dailies 
view as requested by the likes of Geoff Boyle.

One of the very interesting things is that often clients (DoPs mainly) say 
they like to see the raw LOG transfer (no LUT) as they can immediately see 
the latitude they have captured, as well as raw colour balance, which helps 
them understand how they are capturing. Obviously not ideal for the 
production crew and offline, but its very interesting to see a DoP when 
faced with the real image he/she has just captured blind on film.

And as for NAS discs, I simply go with any good supplier that can provide 
good bandwidth, fast pc and reliability. As most standard IT suppliers 
provide this to banks, insurance companies, etc, there is no shortage of 
options. What I don't do is but from media (TV/film) supply 
companies/manufacturers as they charge a serious premium, and for nearline 
NAS what they offer isn't required. The last supplier used was some small 
company in south England, who had never supplied a media client before.


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> So WHAT is applying the LUT(s).  The monitor, the playback device, or a 
> box
> in-between?  What would be best?  How are you doing it (with what) for the
> clients you've mentioned.  Again, I'm assuming here that you mean trf film
> full-range and then tweak (apply LUT or switch btwn several) those
> recordings during playback for viewing and/or input to the offline system.
> -Greg D.

> What NAS discs specifically please?

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