[Tig] DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

geoff boyle geoff
Sun Mar 27 12:14:34 BST 2005

I have to agree with Steve here.

What I've always wanted is some way of getting what I shoot transferred 
the way I want, at least initially.

That will obviously need some kind of reference.

In the past I've shot a grey scale in a reference light and asked for 
the TK to be lined up to that and then for the colourist to take his 
hands off.

This would then allow me to see the colour/exposure as I intended it to 
be, everything after the grey scale may be under/over and an different 
colour, it doesn't matter, that's what I intended.

Unfortunately it seems that dailies colourists could never resist 
"correcting" my "mistakes".

I look forward to LMS working but at present it really only works in a 
conventional optical print finish process.

I know they're working on a DI version, jam tomorrow :-)

I'm also aware of 3c), although I think limiting it to a Mac limits 
this, as well as the Iridas approach.

I expect to see lots more :-)

Steve is certainly right when he talks about automation in the dailies 
process and removing bodies, it's certainly what Kodak seem to have in mind.

I love the idea of set LUT's that are non-destructive and get the "look" 
that I want from the beginning, I then look forward to altering that 
look with my favourite colourists.



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