[Tig] DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

Rob Lingelbach robling
Sun Mar 27 12:27:17 BST 2005

On 2005-03-27 at 12:14, geoff boyle (geoff at cinematography.net) wrote:

> I have to agree with Steve here.
> Unfortunately it seems that dailies colourists could never resist 
> "correcting" my "mistakes".

but often it is not the DoP who controls the dailies process but the
editors, directors and agency people, who absolutely insist that their
offline represent an indication of what they expect to see when edited.
What I expect is that we will go through a period where the offline
editor applies certain LUTs to the "unprocessed" grade in order to
satisfy the client, but that in turn means the offline editor becomes
more of a colorist, and for right now in SD commercial work, in my
humble opinion, that is better left to an experienced colorist working
with the DoP.

Rob TIG admin

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