[Tig] DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

Christopher Noellert cnoellert
Sun Mar 27 21:03:45 BST 2005

On 3/27/05 12:14 PM, "geoff boyle" <geoff at cinematography.net> wrote:

> In the past I've shot a grey scale in a reference light and asked for
> the TK to be lined up to that and then for the colourist to take his
> hands off.

I think it's embarrassing how few colourists lineup against the TAF when
transferring anything... Especially dailies for a feature.

> Steve is certainly right when he talks about automation in the dailies
> process and removing bodies, it's certainly what Kodak seem to have in mind.

I'm hoping that the Kinotone will be able to run in realtime for HD formats.
Even though it's edgeguided it would be the perfect dailies machine.

> I love the idea of set LUT's that are non-destructive and get the "look"
> that I want from the beginning, I then look forward to altering that
> look with my favourite colourists.

Now if we could get Kodak and Fuji to work within one box, or if Filmlight
would just be able to profile a telecine and run it's keycode reader.

Sounds like a good custom project.


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