[Tig] Re: DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

Ken Robinson ken
Mon Mar 28 17:36:16 BST 2005

Chris, Steve,

All great conversations.... It seems that we can get
to the monitor/projector in the DI suite beautifully
with all these devices and  systems and then fall over
at the lab, or thats what used to happen..... Is that
all under complete control now?

Please tell us about that bit!

Am I going to be in good shape dealing with an
HD/S16mm  movie in Beirut and then sending it
somewhere for shoot out? (there isnt enough DI film
work to justify  us buying any sort of shoot out

>From the info that I got from a posting I made some
weeks ago, and what other articles I have read, the
data workflow for TV is alive and well and

Which must mean that more and more commercials will
follow suit. Great news.

Ken Robinson
Senior Colourist
VTR Beirut

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