[Tig] Film master from Nucoda

Henric Larsson henric
Mon Mar 28 19:06:52 BST 2005

I saw Rob's posting about Nucoda missing on the NAB list so I wanted to 
share our experiences. We have been running two Lustre systems at our 
office in Norway for more than 6 months and it is a good working 
product with a sexy interface.

  At our Stockholm office we have just set up two new grading suites 
based on Nucodas products but with support from hardware solutions from 
Digital Vision.

  Film master is a great piece of software with RGB and HLS corrections, 
colour cube, pan and scan at 2k realtime on a single PC. It also plays 
back DPX, Cineon, TIFF etc straight from discs which is a new world for 
us as users of Infernos with closed frame stores. the time line have 
multi track which allow us to do compoisiting but I doubt the colorists 
will spend time doing this.

  Even with all these features we still think that all software color 
correctors with open frame stores today can't deliver the speed DoPs 
are used to with hardware color correctors like Pogle, Da Vinci and 
Digital Vision. Client love software systems feature list but some 
clients just prefer to work with a conformed edit in guaranteed 
realtime with locked they can?t tolerate the renderings times. A mix of 
hardware and software products give us the real-time workflow clients 
tend to appreciate.

  After finishing grading a feature we set Film master to DDR mode and 
play out the DPX files as 4:4:4 HD through Digital Visions motion 
compensated degrain/dust bust hardware which give us real time 
feedback/processing (manual dust bust is expensive in Sweden where 
salaries a high...). The signal is the recorded back to disc and 
recorded on an Arri.

  We are also using only the DDR functionality on a 16mm job that we 
scan to 10 bit DPX on a Spirit. The conformed timeline is controlled 
from our hardware color corrector from Digital Vision which grade the 
4:4:4 signal in real-time. Any plug-in effects can be applied in the 
software color corrector set to DDR mode.

  We have access to both worlds, hardware and software, and think that 
software will be the only way to go within a year when it get up to 
speed but today, a mix of both is a perfect solution for us.

Henric Larsson
  The Chimney Pot

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