[Tig] DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

Steve Shaw digital.praxis
Mon Mar 28 19:14:47 BST 2005

Hi Chris,
The stability of a 'tube' system is not inherently more unstable when 
compared to a CCD as its the 'bulb' in the CCD system that drifts. I've seen 
just as accurate longform scans from tubes as with CCDs, and just as 
inaccurate from CCD as with tubes. Today's calibration techniques have all 
but dealt with this issue.

The bigger requirement is for the scanning system to be able to generate 
calibrated LOG output into any format of image, from data, to HD and SD 
'video'. The Spirit and Shadow can't do this is the image data is 
'linearised' too quickly within the image path. The dataMill and DSX can 
maintain their high bit count front end until the data is mapped into LOG 
space. This is a far greater requirement. And 444/4K are not options for the 
dataMill as I understand it. SD and HD LOG outputs are, but the price 
differential isn't very large. And as you now don't need a da Vinci/Pandora 
as the transfer is self calibrating you save a whole load that way too.

And for commercials and music videos you still want to conform first, then 
make the final grade in context - why would you do anything different? I am 
really beginning to see the demise of colourists on film transfer devices. 
DI workflow will be the way all post is done.

I do use SR decks for DI workflow, and am working with a facility in the USA 
who are doing a full DI this way. Not sure I can talk about this yet 

However, I  find NAS a lot cheaper than tape as its a real IT comodity. 1TB 
costs about 1K Euro, if you don't go to 'media' manufacturing companies. And 
obviously we re-use the NAS on a job by job basis. This is for online 
though, not dailies work. For dailies I would suggest HD D5 is more than 
acceptable, and have done a lot with HDcam too. A LOG image in these formats 
looks amazingly good when displayed via non distructive LUTs.

All good fun. But I think I've said enough for now. Up to others to keep the 
debate going.


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