[Tig] re: tig exam

Dominic Case cased
Tue Mar 29 04:57:30 BST 2005

Although it's several days on (I've only just returned to my email after
Easter), I have to point out, respectfully, that there is an error in these
answers that no-one has picked. 

In question 4, not only is negative (0.1866") pitch known correctly as
"standard", not "short", the pitch of print film is not 0.0187" but 0.1870".
An error of nearly one thousand percent seems excessive. I would have hoped
that greater accuracy would have been essential where tickets are

Although on reflection, if someone could design a printing sprocket to take
0.0187" print stock, and come up with a 10:1 anamorphic lens for the
projector, we might have the answer to so-called excessive print costs. A
full-length feature could be delivered on a single roll. Probably less
compression than most digital formats too.

Will Kodak buy this idea for a small fortune and supress it?

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

> > 1. (P)icture (L)ine-(U)p (G)enerating (E)quipment
> > 2. John Logie Baird
> > 3. 6 vectors (R,G,B,C,M,Y)
> > 4. long pitch-- 0.0187" short-- 0.1866" --to prevent slippage 
> > between the
> > OCN and the raw print stock when sandwiched together for 
> > contact printing.
> > difference is .03%
> > 5. film is 1000:1 video 40:1 (broadcast standards--> 30:1)
> > 6. Bob Festa
> > 7. The Wiz
> > 8. Africa
> > 9. Rob Lingelbach
> > 10. (B)ubble (R)ise (R)ate (E)xperiment

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