[Tig] DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

Steve Shaw digital.praxis
Tue Mar 29 08:06:29 BST 2005

> Found the following press release from Kodak and Assimilate.  Anyone
> know anything about Assimilate?
> http://www.assimilateinc.com/press/03-23-05pr_Assimilate-Kodak.pdf
> http://www.assimilateinc.com
> Have added Kodak Look management software to their product.

Hi Bill,
It's not Look Manager they have added, it's KDM, which is different as the 
two systems (Look Manager and KDM) don't yet talk to each other.

KDM is simply 3D film calibrated LUTs (like TrueLight) while Look Manager 
allows certain digital cameras to be used on set by DoPs to set a look for 
the film that can later be used for colourist/grader guidance. When the two 
talk correctly, and when DI systems can import the Look Manager settings, DI 
will change once again, as I've said in my previous posts.

Assimilate is a bit of the old 5D team...


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