[Tig] Film master from Nucoda

Mr Terry Goins terrywgoins
Tue Mar 29 14:07:17 BST 2005

Hi All,

I would agree with Henric, that the Nucoda Film Master
and Composer to be a very special
helpful tool. I was lucky enough to visit a demo given
by Nucoda and a great teacher, Nigel. Nigel is much
like a Rob L. or D. Tosh. To the point. I would only
need maybe two weeks more training from Nigel to do a
finished product. That should say a lot about a new
product. It is a little hard for me to get excited
about the newest Dailies box. I looked for Nucoda on
the wiki pages and did fine it there. The points are, 
spend sometime at their booth at NAB. I think a lot of
folks would be happy. I?m looking forward to next time
I get to spend time on their product.


Terry Goins
Freelance Colorist

--- Henric Larsson <henric at chimney.se> wrote:
> Thanks to Pete Challinger of Edifis for supporting
> the TIG.
> --
> I saw Rob's posting about Nucoda missing on the NAB
> list so I wanted to 
> share our experiences. We have been running two
> Lustre systems at our 
> office in Norway for more than 6 months and it is a
> good working 
> product with a sexy interface.
>   At our Stockholm office we have just set up two
> new grading suites 
> based on Nucodas products but with support from
> hardware solutions from 
> Digital Vision.
>   Film master is a great piece of software with RGB
> and HLS corrections, 
> colour cube, pan and scan at 2k realtime on a single
> PC. It also plays 
> back DPX, Cineon, TIFF etc straight from discs which
> is a new world for 
> us as users of Infernos with closed frame stores.
> the time line have 
> multi track which allow us to do compoisiting but I
> doubt the colorists 
> will spend time doing this.
>   Even with all these features we still think that
> all software color 
> correctors with open frame stores today can't
> deliver the speed DoPs 
> are used to with hardware color correctors like
> Pogle, Da Vinci and 
> Digital Vision. Client love software systems feature
> list but some 
> clients just prefer to work with a conformed edit in
> guaranteed 
> realtime with locked they can?t tolerate the
> renderings times. A mix of 
> hardware and software products give us the real-time
> workflow clients 
> tend to appreciate.
>   After finishing grading a feature we set Film
> master to DDR mode and 
> play out the DPX files as 4:4:4 HD through Digital
> Visions motion 
> compensated degrain/dust bust hardware which give us
> real time 
> feedback/processing (manual dust bust is expensive
> in Sweden where 
> salaries a high...). The signal is the recorded back
> to disc and 
> recorded on an Arri.
>   We are also using only the DDR functionality on a
> 16mm job that we 
> scan to 10 bit DPX on a Spirit. The conformed
> timeline is controlled 
> from our hardware color corrector from Digital
> Vision which grade the 
> 4:4:4 signal in real-time. Any plug-in effects can
> be applied in the 
> software color corrector set to DDR mode.
>   We have access to both worlds, hardware and
> software, and think that 
> software will be the only way to go within a year
> when it get up to 
> speed but today, a mix of both is a perfect solution
> for us.
> Henric Larsson
>   The Chimney Pot
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> http://tig.colorist.org/wiki
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