[Tig] DI workflow, capabilities and requirements

Lucas Wilson Lucas
Tue Mar 29 18:27:05 BST 2005

We've been working for a little while now on properly supporting the KDM
system. It's a great set of tools, and works very well in our realtime

Also -- in addressing some of the DAS/NAS discussion...

A few years ago, it was hard to get consistent RAID-protected realtime
2K with standard off-the-shelf hardware. Now, it's still something that
needs to be approached carefully, but it's no longer that hard, or that

Take this workflow:

1) 2K scans
2) Visually define and offset Academy
3) Show 1.85 within Academy
4) Color correct 
5) Pan 'n' Scan
6) Guaranteed realtime playback, with Academy offset, 1.85 crop, color
and pan/scan -- with no rendering required -- for longform.

There is tons of discussion to have about the details in each of these
steps. But the point is -- we have several customers doing this with
longform on NTFS RAID-5 storage at a fraction of the price of
traditional "heavy iron" systems. We also have customers working off of
ADIC/Bright, CXFS, etc., for SAN-based 2K. But the realtime 2K SAN world
is obviously much more expensive.


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> Found the following press release from Kodak and Assimilate.  Anyone
> know anything about Assimilate?
> http://www.assimilateinc.com/press/03-23-05pr_Assimilate-Kodak.pdf
> http://www.assimilateinc.com
> Have added Kodak Look management software to their product.

Hi Bill,
It's not Look Manager they have added, it's KDM, which is different as
two systems (Look Manager and KDM) don't yet talk to each other.

KDM is simply 3D film calibrated LUTs (like TrueLight) while Look
allows certain digital cameras to be used on set by DoPs to set a look
the film that can later be used for colourist/grader guidance. When the
talk correctly, and when DI systems can import the Look Manager
settings, DI 
will change once again, as I've said in my previous posts.

Assimilate is a bit of the old 5D team...


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