[Tig] LOG [was Re: DI workflow, capabilities and requirements ]

Kevin Shaw kevs
Wed Mar 30 10:56:16 BST 2005

Hi Izhak

The Spirit (one) makes true log files in data ONLY.

The best DI workflow for a Spirit without going to data, is to calibrate the
machine using Kodak TCS targets and film.

In both cases the full dynamic range of the film is captured in a 10 bit
signal, but the log solution is preferable because more of the bits are
assigned to parts of the range (shadows and mids) that are usually important
to the image, and which are more sensitive to human vision.

The Spirit 4K IS capable of true log video, and also 16 bit linear data

16 bit linear is better even than 10 bit log because calibrated 10 bit log
transfers assume a target exposure. Dense exposures will be poorly captured
in a standard 10 bit log transfer.

Happy Coloring

Disclaimer: I am a freelance colorist, and will be demonstrating Spirit 4K
for Thomson at NAB. Statements and opinions I make are nevertheless my own
and do not necessarily reflect those of Thomson or anyone else who pays me.

Kevin Shaw                 consultant colorist and instructor
    kevs at finalcolor.com          www.finalcolor.com

on 29/03/05 11:25 pm, Izhak Hinitz at izhak at eyespost.com wrote:

> Thanks to Pete Challinger of Edifis for supporting the TIG.
> --
> Wow, thank you Chuck that is very informative.
> While I have all the experts ear, I am interested
> in knowing if the Spirit is capable of making true log files ?

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