[Tig] Sony PVM-20L4, where can I get one??!!

info at uppsalabildteknik.com info
Wed Mar 30 13:32:02 BST 2005

Hi everyone!


I am trying to get my hands on 2 monitors, it?s the Sony PVM-20L4 I am

Apparently Sony has quit the production and wants me to buy a LND-210, wich
is a LCD monitor! For color correction!

I have searched like a madman trying to find a shop that has a few left in
stock, but so far no luck.


I guess I will have to go with the L2 if I can?t find any L4. Damn it!


Anyone know where I could find some L4?





Kent Kumpula

Uppsala BildTeknik AB



http://www.uppsalabildteknik.com (webpage in Swedish)





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