[Tig] Sony PVM-20L4, where can I get one??!!

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Wed Mar 30 20:10:52 BST 2005

I met the LMD team from Japan at a monitor shootout organized by Bandpro
here in Los Angeles.  They thought they had a good product until I showed
up.  After a very heated conversation among the team --in Japanese, most of
which escaped me (I know just a little)-- the manager turns around and tells
me half-way ceremonially that "obviously our LCD product must be used in
non-critical applications" and proceeded to thank me for showing them this
fact.  This was about a year ago if I recall.

As a side note, this is when and were I discovered that just going through
an HDCAM deck (E-to-E) mangles the signal very nicely.  The full effect of
the HDCAM codec is applied to the E-to-E path.  You loose all the high
frequency content and gain some aliasing here and there.  Mostly horizontal.
Just run a zone plate through a deck to see what I'm talking about.  

Be aware that if you are looking at this on a BVM series monitor you WILL
NOT see a difference at all, as these monitors simply cannot display true HD
and distort both high resolution CONTENT and COLOR at mid to high
frequencies, despite their cost and standing in the community.

This led to a question, which remains unanswered.  The response of the
E-to-E path of an HDCAM deck is almost tailor-matched to the capabilities of
the BVM series monitor.  I wonder if the monitors were designed first (more
than likely) and then used to judge when to stop trying to get more
performance out of HDCAM.  If this was the case, the HDCAM codec would
forever have the response and performance footprint of the monitor design
--which it has.  A very interesting realization.  A little funny if you
think about it.

Disclaimer:  I am biased as hell.

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