[Tig] Sony PVM-20L4, where can I get one??!!

Stuart Monksfield smonksfield
Thu Mar 31 08:11:56 BST 2005

Hi Dick,

Did any of the Sony guys happen to mention what the processing delay was
through one of these new LCD displays compared to a traditional PVM or BVM
series CRT ? We have been waiting for an official response for two months

>From our experiments with the Sony LCD offerings they are not going to suit
any application requiring correct lip sync. We believe the delay is 2 frames
in PAL mode, but this was on a prototype unit. As a big provider of Avid
suites and expertise for Reality TV shows all over the globe, we were hoping
to find something cheaper than CRTs to ship about.

Stuart Monksfield
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Thanks to Pete Challinger of Edifis for supporting the TIG.

I was at a Sony presentation on monitors last week, where they were pushing
the LMD series of LCD displays.

The question was asked more than once and the answer was categorical from
the product manager. For critical applications the BVM CRT range is needed,
and this is still in production.


Usual disclaimer: Sony took me to this event and put on a particularly
excellent lunch


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