[Tig] HD cam SR

Floor Bos floor
Thu Mar 31 09:12:53 BST 2005

Hi Rob,

As far as I know:
HDCAM uses 7:1 compression in 3:1:1
HDCAM SR uses 2.7:1 compression in 4:2:2
HDCAM SR uses 4.2:1 compression in 4:4:4

It will definatly not rule out film, but in our small country in Europe 
(The Netherlands) HDCAM is already a popular format for shooting feature 
films, and no, they certainly don't all look good. But considering the 
fact that producers and film funds prefer the digital way, I am happy to 
see HDCAM SR being introduced. So I will finally have some colors to 
grade! :)

The specs say that it could even record Viper LOG data to tape, but it 
cannot record to frames, it is still a video recorder.

BTW: Hi, this is my first post :) We are a small post facility in 
Amsterdam using Baselight & Digital Fusion as our main tools to do DI + 
VFX + Commercials.

Florentijn Bos
50 FPS Post

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>Thanks to Pete Challinger of Edifis for supporting the TIG.
>i recently had the privilege of a demo *powerpoint* of HD cam as
>origination material for cinema and video.  The most telling point
>wos that their top format, HD Cam SR, uses 9:1 compression.  i open
>this to discussion.
>It was also mentioned by the Sony rep that HD CAM SR was meant to be
>ann alternative to 35mm origination.  There were a few stifled laughs
>in the audience.
>I have no doubt Sony will find its adherents but those of us invoved in
>high-end featuer and commercial production will find this information
>valuable, negatively.
>TiG admin

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