[Tig] 2K HSDL on Tape (was assistants)

Rich Torpey rich
Tue May 31 14:38:41 BST 2005

Hi Jeff,
I'd even take it a step further and chance a bit of fortune telling - my
prediction: In 10-15 years we'll be looking back on dedicated vtrs the same
way we look at linear edit suites today - they're primarily replaced by
workstations where you load data in and out and the equivalent of today's
vtrs are data appliances that allow you to preview the imagery as well as
connect to capture devices or workstations.  I think we're at roughly the
same point in migrating to a data environment that we were around 1989-90
with the early Avid and EMC non-linear systems where you were just happy to
have an image on a computer monitor - too bad it was so low-res that you
could barely make out the faces ;-) Another 15 yrs should bring a similar
quantum leap or to use the hackneyed phrase "paradigm shift".
All the more fun for us tech heads to look forward to :-) 

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Thanks to LAURENCE CLAYDON (laurence at bell-theatre.com) for supporting the
TIG in 2005

On May 27, 2005, at 12:11 PM, Rich Torpey wrote:

> Personally, I'd like to see the data workflow take off and get away  
> from
> VTR's. When you see the data rate of an SDLT600 or LTO3 (2-4 x  
> uncompressed
> SD) at only $3-4k it makes $50-150k video tape recorders much  
> harder to
> take.

Yes, I have to agree with Rich here.  $6K for an LTO-3 autoloader vs.  
$100K for an HDCam SR deck...  just add a couple of computers with  
4:4:4 HD cards (Blackmagic or AJA) and an array or two...  and you  
have something far more powerful than a single deck, as it can clone  
tapes on its own.

And the tapes are pretty cheap, too.

Jeff "waiting for LTO-4" Kreines

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