[Tig] Seeking driver information for Compaticard II

David L. Tosh dlt
Thu May 5 04:35:31 BST 2005

Remember 8" floppy disks?

I'm trying to get a system running that uses a "Compaticard II" ISA 
card. I have the card, the driver software and actual, running 8" 
drives. What I am missing is a viable command line for the driver in 
the CONFIG.SYS file. I don't have the "fine manual."

I've done extensive searching on the internet and failed to find the 
instructions for this card. I have located the instructions for the 
later model Compaticard IV-- they are very different and did not help.

If you have a manual lying around (or even an example of a working 
set of options in a config file in your transfer station PC), I'd 
appreciate the information.


David Tosh
<dlt at earthlink.net>

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