[Tig] GraphicsMagick & SMPTE DPX

Dick Hobbs dick
Tue May 10 12:51:34 BST 2005

No offence to Simon Burley, but saying "Sam Leffler wrote libtiff"  
does not enlighten me much. And whether swabbing is a word in common  
usage in C circles or not, I have never heard of it (and think it is  
pretty ugly).

I'm with Martin on this. I think the TIG is a great discussion group  
when we are discussing stuff that is relevant to what used to be  
called telecine and colour correction. Arcane discussions about file  
formats are getting towards the edge of relevancy, and when people  
get impatient because others are not dropping everything to do their  
research for them, I think we are missing the point.

So let's get back on track. Who looked at the Cintel scanner at NAB.  
Any thoughts on the price/performance pitch?

And any thoughts on the wisdom or otherwise of the Film + Data  
Technologies telecine business model?



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