[Tig] No such thing as a half full glass! A BRRE observation

Dominic Case cased
Sun May 15 23:41:31 BST 2005

>the glass is BOTH full and empty until the moment of our 
>observation, eh?  Schr?dinger's Vat?

This is exactly correct. However, a few people have attained a state of
enlightenment whereby they can gaze upon a glass of beer in its dual or
quantum state (both full and empty) for some considerable amount of time.
This binary state is of course manifest in the bubbles themselves. The
bubbles are of course a vestige of the glass's previous state of emptiness,
the beer a foretaste of the  coming state of fullness. The exact moment of
transition is unpredictable to most observers, but the afore-mentioned state
of enlightenment, which invariably occurs during that coming together of
science and religion known as a BRRE, can prolong this state.

The question as to whether a glass of beer is, in fact, an instance of a
full glass of beer with bubbles rising, or in fact an instance of an empty
glass of beer with beer falling will invariably hasten one's elevation to
this state of enlightenment, as will the puzzling anomaly of Guinness, in
which the bubbles appear to fall. I personally have a theory that this is
because the Guinness itself is rising out of the glass to meet its drinker:
a theory supported by the speed with which it seems to disappear.  

Dominic Case

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