[Tig] Content of DPX user space a secret?

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Sat May 21 01:09:12 BST 2005

Regarding User Data, I believe Cintel also ID their transfers in the user

Of course what could possibly be reeeeeaaaallly useful would be to "grade"
a log data file into a linear state suitable for various display systems,
scene by scene, using Pogle/da vinci or whatever and placing the da
vinci/Pogle control code in the user area, scene by scene. or frame by
frame. Whereby the actual DPX file remains a "virgin" log file, but can, by
passing though the same type of color corrector at a later stage, be
transformed  to the desired linear output.  (OK that orible word Metadata
comes to mind). Anyone remember the good old punched tape in the neg film
cans for controlling film printer light values. Ah the days of Bell &
Howell  Model C's. And Yes Dominic C, I know the punchd tape is still used.
Well at least it's EMP proof.  A test for Oldies, what did the code bit
values on the tape represent? Here's a clue, the first three codes were
1,2,4.. Even I cannot remember how the fader values were accumulated, I
think it was a combination of the RGB holes after the printer light level



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