[Tig] assistants

matthieu dubail matthieu_dubail
Tue May 24 18:46:15 BST 2005

> You must be kidding.  The ONLY way to become a
> colorist is to be an
> assistant first.

No Janet, I'm not, for sure. With all closing
facilities, here, it became far harder to find a
skilled colorist assistant than a skilled colorist.
Ask my manager.
Now, let pretend you're a manager (or president)
yourself and get a colorist position available in your
facility. You have two options :
1/ Give the job to the assistant with no way to
determine how talentued he would be (since he is no
colorist) & let the assistant position vacant (with
all planning problems it will cause).
2/ Give the job to a skilled colorist, with potential
new clients he will bring.

Beeing an assistant now will lead you nowhere.

> Of course this doesn't guarantee
> you a job.  You also need
> to have a GREAT attitude

I know what you mean by great attitude... I will
always remember the day when an advertising
post-production manager told me she decided to punish
(!!!) me by refusing (even if I didn't demand a thing)
to offer me lunch (when she was offering it to more
than 10 times more paid people here) because I was
partially reading a video technical book during
What you call a great attitude is sometimes close to
what I call a "toy predisposition".

> be a "go-getter"

Don't know what "go-getter" means. Sorry.

> and have
> some technical
> capabilities.

What are you willing to say by technical capabilities
?  Understanding and analysing the way video, digital
convertion, CCD, flying spot, VTR, film chemistry and
sensitometry works ? This is useless for an assistant.
Since a service technicien or engeneer is requiered
for any technical problems and since the client prefer
the manager's advices for any special orders or film
relativ problems, the assistant technical knowledge
and capabilities are pretty small. In fact, I would
say that he only need to read the Tk and color panel
manual since the colorist did not (I only knew one who
did since he also is an instructor).

The problem is that now, an assistant is asked to get
a proper high audio visual education (offered by 3 to
5 years universities and schools) to attempt to his
first job; even if the skills and knowledge he learned
are requiered. That's why some are really willing for
some real responsabilities. I know that 10 or 15 years
before, you didn't need that to become a assistant or
colorist (since assistant was kind of marginal job).

One last thing : none of the senior colorist I know
did ever been an assistant first. That's how they did
learn their job.



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